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As a newer member of the MOMS Club of Brooklyn Park, MN, the town I now live in, I’m very happy that I was able to donate my talents to make marketing materials for our upcoming fundraiser! Please consider joining us, at Roasted Pear (which is a DELICIOUS restaurant), to support our local women & children’s shelter!

If you’re interested in learning more about my design work, please check out my portfolio page!

Thank you for stopping by!


Despite how awesome this picture looks, we’ve had a pretty tough winter up in here. We live in Minnesnowta, and it’s a been a wild winter (although, I know the rest of the country’s been getting slammed with some pretty bizarre stuff, so I guess I can’t use that term solely for us). We were fortunate to take our first ‘real’ family trip to Disneyland in early February. We have a friend who works for Disney- and the trip was A-MA-ZING. Except, that we were all sick and went to the doctor 3 times. Whew! Since this trip we’re still all battling (minus the hubs) with sinus/ear/croup/walking pneumonia, and have gone to the doctor another 5 times. Fun stuff. 

What I have been doing that IS fun is working on some great freelancing projects ranging from wedding invites to logos. I sure do love my job! My goal for the near future is to update this page (I know, you’ve heard THAT before) and put up a page dedicated to my professional portfolio… it’s all the rage these days! So, I need to start on that, but I just wanted to say ‘hi’ let you know I had a horrible overall winter, an awesome vacation, and some great work done.

Thank you for stopping by my page, and as always, please email me if you need any design work done!




I cannot believe that 2013 is coming to a close in less than 2 months now. Seriously, WHERE did this year go?!

I’m sad to say that my 2013 resolution of keeping more current on my website has flopped. My apologies for not updating more, and again, my resolution for 2014 is to once again, try to keep my site more current!

Since we are officially on the way to the Holiday season, I’d like to take a moment and plug my holiday card design services. I LOVE doing Holiday cards for clients, they are such a great thing to give and receive during the holidays and I love to keep that tradition alive. I seriously stalk my mailbox everyday during the holidays to see how many cards  I  we get. It brings joy to see what people are sending and I also love getting updates on people I don’t get to see very often.

My design services for cards have a couple of different options for you, so you can decide how much you want to spend… which is nice! All of my options are custom cards, mostly photo ones, but I am not opposed to designing non-photo ones for sure.

My first option is designing a file for you to take to a photo card place to print out yourself, it’s easy as you’d just select a full photo option for the card. You could also send them out via email as well! It’s a flat fee of $30.00.

My second option is a full service option where I design and print all cards. I have capabilities to print full color double sided on sparkly or flat or woven cardstock, and come with coordinating envelopes for you to send. The pricing on this is the flat design fee of $30.00 plus paper and printing, which can vary, so email me if you’re interested so I can give you a quote!

What is a custom-designed card without matching return address labels!? Unfinished, I say! I also design these, so let me know if they interest you- they are pretty neat.

Spread the love! Refer me to a friend and you’ll get 20% off your holiday card order if they order through me too!

Consider this your first “Happy Holidays” letter!

Last June my dear friend Kellie, who I affectionately call Cow (I’m Goat- that is a story for another day) got hitched in Iowa.  As it must be some rule I was 8 months pregnant and MOH in a wedding for the 2nd (and last) time. I also doubled as Cowlie’s wedding planner! We are a GREAT team and between her having it all together, and my added ideas and creativity we made the ho-hum space into a super space. It was super fun and TONS of work- but well worth it all!  Here are some photos of the day…


Cow and Goat


JHK monogram I created for the couple was their theme that we used on EVERYTHING


candy table close-up

the spectacular candy buffet I made corresponding labels for all jars as well as a sign and matching labels on the bags for guest favors.

the spectacular candy buffet I made corresponding labels for all jars as well as a sign and matching labels on the bags for guest favors.

bridal party bouquets

bridal party bouquets


the girls


chair sashes

we hung lanterns & tissue pom-poms (that I made) of all sizes over the candy bar and dance floor .. I also hand-strung the rose petals with crystal ends for the chandeliers.


there were 3 kinds of table arrangements



we had floral poms on shepherds hooks lined the aisle


the cake with the monogram I created for the couple

I will upload photos of the wedding stationery (which is some of my most fave that I’ve done!) soon… I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at my wedding design skills!
Please feel free to email me or look me up on Facebook  if you’d like more info on what I can do for your wedding!

One of my FAVORITE things to do is sit at night Pinning my heart out. I am very VERY obsessed with the site, and love all of the ideas it gives me for a lot of different areas of my life including design inspiration and new techniques! If you’ve come to my site from Pinterest, please explore more about me and what I’m about. If you’ve never pinned, you should probably start, STAT. Start by following me and all of my awesome boards including My Design Work (which I need to add more to!),  Crafty Gal Ideas, Invitation Inspiration, and honestly, they are all good!

Me on Pinterest

Me on Pinterest

This is what a typical night at my house looks like as I’m on Pinterest for like, HOURS. (Keep in mind this is after a full day taking care of a 3 year old and a 5 month old, so I don’t look all pretty and stuff).

Me Pinning

Me Pinning

Happy Pinning, y’all*!

*Note: I don’t say ‘y’all’ as I live in MINNESOTA, and that would be weird, but it sounds cute to end this post on Pinterest so I went with it and I’m sticking with it!

Holiday card I sent out for Christmas 2012

Holiday card I sent out for Christmas 2012

It has been a while since my last post (again!) But I have a good reason why!
My daughter Ailie (pronounced I-lee) was born August 2, 2012!  I’ve been one busy momma with 2 little ones, but I am ready to get back in the action!  If you have a wedding or special event coming up that you need some swanky invitations for please email me and we will come up with stationery that everyone will remember!

One of my resolutions for this new year is to update this site more often!  Wish me luck!

Hope you had a great 2012, and an even better 2013!

A lot has happened again since my last post!  We are adding to our family again, I am having a baby girl in early August!  I am in LOVE with all of the cute baby girl stuff out there, especially the hair bands!  I’m telling people the minute she comes out we’re slapping a bow on her! Ha!

Since I am obsessed with all of these adorable hair bands and I’m a super crafty person I have started to make my own!  I am calling the line ‘Little Miss Hair Accessories’.  They are currently for sale at Mother Goose Kids Consignment in Northfield, Minnesota (a GREAT store for all things baby).  I will also be selling them online on my blog and also through facebook, and maybe reviving my etsy shop!  Please stop back soon as I am going to be posting photos of these lovelies.

I was interviewed today by the Northfield News for an article in Wednesdays paper!  It was great fun getting to spread the word on my little business here in Northfield, and I hope that it creates a spark for some new clientele.  I owe a big thanks to the Northfield News and also to Lucy for a great interview, and a nice chat!

My hope is to keep updating the site and adding some new photos as well as new info for brides… this year I plan on being more involved on my blog! :)

Thanks for looking me up, and please email me if you have any needs for stationery, or graphic design!


I am getting up some of the info I said would be here at the bridal show last weekend! It’s proving to be a little more work than anticipated and so I keep trucking onward to get it all on… so again I say “keep checking back for more info and photos!”

To view what I have done already click here which will bring you to my {Tier 1} page and then click on the photos to see pricing and a larger image and information on that design.


I’m thrilled with the way my booth turned out at Sunday’s Bridal Show in Owatonna.  The trees I made for it got a lot of people talking!  I think I will have to post a tutorial on how easy it was to make them in case you’re wondering for your upcoming wedding.

Thank you for stopping by and I am working on adding photos all this week along with pricing as well. Contact me if you’d like more information!


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We did family photos today- this gem isn't from our shoot with the oh-so-talented @tgrochow - but she must have kept the spirit so mommy could shoot a few later in the day! #myailiegirl

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